Student Visa

Obtaining a student visa is always one of the issues and concerns of people interested in studying abroad. Visa requirements, getting a companion visa, receiving an interview appointment from the embassy are common types of problems for students.

What Is Student Visa?

In fact, a student visa is a type of temporary residence that enables students to study, live, and even work in the country of study. By receiving a student visa, you no longer need any document or permission to reside in that country. Getting a student visa is the final stage of your academic migration process. The first step in academic migration is to choose the destination country, field, and university of your choice, which must be selected based on your abilities, ambitions, and overall on your general and academic circumstances. In the following steps, you will correspond with your considered professors and universities. If your overall conditions are adequate to get accepted, you must submit your educational documents, such as resume, motivation letter, recommendation letter, and other necessary documents. After receiving final approval by the university or professor, you can apply for a student visa. As mentioned, the visa application in the last step of the process.

Student Visa Requirements

Depending on the country you intend to study in, there are different documents and requirements to gain a student visa. However, on the whole, to receive a student visa, you must carry out the steps below:

  • Apply for an interview appointment from the embassy
  • Complete visa application forms
  •  Present your valid university acceptance 
  • Submit documents to prove your financial situation, demonstrating your affordability to pay for tuition fees, living expenses, and the cost of returning to your home country.
  • Passport
  • Explain sufficient reasons to return to the home country after graduation

How to Apply for a Student Visa

Needless to say, the whole stages of getting university admission are quite specialized, so you must totally be informed about the entire stages, requirements, and overall, how to handle that. Therefore, if you have sufficient knowledge and information on how to accomplish all steps, you can arrange it by yourself. Otherwise, you can leave the entire steps of your admission process, including writing a motivation letter, recommendation letter, resume, and obtaining a student visa, to our experts in “Next Abroad.”

Why Next Abroad?

Our experts in “Next Abroad” are extremely experienced in transferring students abroad and also completely aware of visa application conditions in foreign countries. Hence, they can help you with the whole process and, eventually, point you in the right direction.

How to Order us to Get a Student Visa?

In case you would like to ask our experts to help obtain a student visa for you, you can send your necessary information and requirements to us via email. After receiving your information,  Our experts will contact you immediately and ask you for additional information. Finally, they will start your student visa process as soon as possible.