Obtaining Student Scholarships

Obtaining scholarships from Europe and other parts of the world and prestigious universities is generally one of the main goals of any student who intends to study abroad. As you know, getting a scholarship or funding means that you can study for free or semi-free in a country and benefit from all the educational services and facilities of that country and the specific university. Subsequently, you can acquire permanent residency to live there. As mentioned in the previous steps, getting a scholarship requires communicating with professors and getting approval from the university. The experts and specialists in “Next Abroad” can also be a tremendous help to you during this stage. Having practical and very accurate guidance can assist you in gaining student scholarships. Bear in mind that possessing a high international English language level and reliable certification will raise your chance of achieving a  scholarship. If you are seeking to obtain a scholarship from a particular country, we recommend you to learn the language of that country properly, but keep in mind that some universities offer scholarships, merely based on their professors’ opinion. Unfortunately, each university has its particular regulations and conditions to give student scholarships. But even so, it is crystal clear that you will need specific documents and requirements to receive a  university scholarship. Getting a scholarship, like getting an admission, requires you to prepare a professional letter and email to convince your professor and your university that you hold the necessary qualifications to receive the scholarship.

As it is mentioned before, if you don’t have a proper scholarship application letter along with reasonable reasons, you may run into trouble. The experts of the “Next Abroad” group can guide you through writing a professional scholarship application letter to receive student scholarships. As you know, some scholarships can pay for half of your university tuition fees, and others can cover all of it. In some cases, it has even been seen that, along with your scholarship, you may receive a student or educational allowance.   To receive a student scholarship, you must keep track of the whole process continually, and in case your university is GPA-oriented, you need to have had a high-grade point average. You need to remember that your teacher’s Recommendation Letter can play an influential role in obtaining a scholarship for you. Furthermore, in some universities, the age circumstances of applicants can be a significant factor in getting accepted.

We advise you to get in contact with the “Next Abroad” experts to take advantage of their guidance prior to applying for a scholarship. Our years of valuable experience in immigration and the process of sending students abroad have demonstrated that making the right connections with officials, professors, and universities can be the key to your success in getting accepted or even attaining a scholarship. Actually, what sets our organization apart from other similar organizations, is that our team will completely support you during your entire process of immigration or application, and also provide you with up-to-date and frequent tips and guidance.

In case you have any trouble in the process of getting a scholarship, you can contact our experts via email or other communication means, which are mentioned in the “Contact Us” page and benefit from their constructive guidance.