Moving to Australia

How is the quality and standards of life in Australia compared to the other countries across the World? The short answer is “so good.”

Australia is a member of the “Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development” (OCED). This organization develops some policies to enhance economic and social welfare for the people of the whole World.

OCED publishes the index of living standards throughout the World and then compares living quality in these areas.

The index of living standards focuses on factors that directly affect individuals’ lives, such as hygiene, health, education, social safety, tax, etc.

Australia is nearly ranked in top places in almost all indexes of higher standards of living and considered one of the best places to live among all countries.

Here are some indexes which are outstanding in Australia in comparison to other member countries:

Income: the average rate of household income per person is higher than the OCED average.

Occupations: 72% of Australia’s population ranged between 15 to 64 years old, own a decent job with sufficient income, which is slightly above the OCED average (64%).

Working hours: Australians work about 1728 hours a year, lower than the average hours of most of the other member countries (1765 hours a year).

Life expectancy: life expectancy in Australia is 82 years, which is approximately two years more than the average of OCED member countries.

Air quality: The level of PM10 concentrations (tiny enough pollutants which enter the human body and affect lungs) is 1.13 micrograms per cubic meter, which is remarkably lower than the OCED average (at 1.20 micrograms per cubic meter).

Water quality: 93% of Australians are satisfied with the running water quality, which is significantly higher than the OCED average (84%).

Society: 93% of Australians firmly believe that there is someone they can rely on.

Life satisfaction: 83% of Australians claim that they have more positive experiences along the day than negative ones, which is higher than the OCED average (76%).

Regarding these qualities, no wonder the number of people relocating to Australia is growing over time. On January 26, 2014, in the celebration of Australia Day, 18000 migrants became Australian permanent citizens. Furthermore, about more than one-quarter of Australia’s population are foreign-born. According to the statistics, the vast majority of citizens in Australia are British-born.

Given the fact that Australia is a beautiful and spectacular country with high standards of living and tremendous job opportunities, this country can be an excellent destination for the people of other regions.

What Are the Best Areas in Australia to Live in?

If possible, before moving to Australia, find temporary accommodation to stay. A furnished tiny apartment or studio will be a great idea to comfort you before your whole stuff arriving. As soon as you reach Australia and settle down there, you will have plenty of time to find your favorite place at a reasonable price. One of the most effective ways to gain information about housing is to wander around the city and visit real states in-person to figure out the general circumstances of that.

The Most Crucial Factors You Should Consider While Looking for a Home:

• access to public transport
• Local schools
• Career prospects
• Workplace distance
• General situation of living area

Buy Vs. Rent: Which Is the Best Option for You?

The pros and cons of both options should be adequately considered.

The majority of migrants tend to prefer renting over purchasing a place. The main reason is that the renting process is more convenient and also has more advantages. Besides, renting a home allows you to get completely familiar with your neighbourhood before deciding to settle down for a long time. Another notable point in that there is an enormous difference between Iran’s and Australia’s currency value. Hence, most of the individuals relocating to Australia can’t afford to buy a home in the first place.

Reliable Websites for Buying or Renting a Property in Australia:

Either you purchase or rent an apartment in Australia, no doubt that you will face a competitive market there. The most excellent means to find out about suitable options and property prices is to check related websites out.

If you would like to buy a home in Australia, it is better to keep your passport’s copy and previous rent information with you. Therefore, you will be able to register your information quickly, as soon as you find your favorite place. Renting a home in Australia is extremely convenient and fast, and most of the real states in Australia provide visiting property for you. Make sure you collect necessary information about the tenancy start date and the amount of deposit you have to pay in advance. In general, the landlords charge their tenants four to six weeks’ rents as a deposit and also four weeks’ rents at the beginning of the tenancy.

All We Should Know About Residential Energy Services in Australia

You should carry out multiple works before settling down in Australia, such as installing and connecting the electricity or water system in your home. Most of the people postpone these works to the last days, which is entirely wrong.

The best time to equip your new place with necessities such as running water or electricity is the last days before you move to Australia.

While applying for these services, you should keep this information with you:

  • Your new place’s address
  • The precise connecting time of the services
  • Your personal information, such as contact number, ID, passport, etc.
What Services and Facilities Are Available to Connect Energy Services?

You can manage that by yourself with spending time and also getting in contact with well-established energy providers, such as:

  • Sydney Water
  • Origin Energy
  • AGL
  • Energy Australia

You can also ask the particular service provider organizations to carry out the entire installations and connections for you. All you need is to call them, and then on behalf of you, they do all the necessary works to complete the whole procedure.

Comparative Websites About City Services

The immense majority of residents in Australia have the liberty to choose their energy providers. Having said that, since there is a wide variety of services’ prices, making an informed decision seems a little hard. Some particular websites compare the cost of nearly all energy services across the country. Hence, checking out these websites enables you to get familiar with the range of energy prices, and also help you find the best option. Just make sure that you check out all details and don’t miss anything out. (