Managing the Entire Applying Process

This part of information mainly favours those who would like to have access to thorough guidance about moving abroad and also pursuing a study in top-ranked universities.

Applying for scholarships certainly has different conditions and various stages. To do so, we firmly advise you to gain sufficient information in that regard or take advantage of reliable and well-established consultancy organizations.

Next Abroad aims to provide you with complete, helpful and concise information about how to apply for scholarships and also support you by carrying out all related stages. If you need further information, get in touch with our counsellors via the given phone numbers or Email addresses.

Before applying for a scholarship, you need to get familiar with foreign universities, their validations, as well as their general circumstances. If you intend to study in a high ranked university or return to Iran after graduating, you have to check out your desired university on the specific list of Iran’s Science Ministry. By doing so, you can benefit from particular student currency. Our experts in Next Abroad will accompany you all the way long and point you in the right direction.

If you plan to pursue your academic career in one of the European countries, and you have already gained permission, the next step will be applying for a visa. However, in many cases, getting a Schengen Visa has its hassles and troubles and may raise lots of questions in your mind as well. Hence, we recommend you to benefit from our accurate and trustworthy guidance and consultations to relieve your issues. Our experts in Next Abroad can guide you in the right direction and help you out with the whole process.

Bear in mind that one of the crucial factors to succeed in your study in foreign countries is undoubtedly holding the right attitude and powerful motivation. Most universities tend to require you to prepare a “Motivation Letter” to explain your motives and reasons to proceed with your education. They may ask you a few questions about the reasons why you have preferred their university or your favourite major. If you are personally capable of writing a proper one, you can do it by yourself. Otherwise, we can provide a professional Motivation Letter for you. What’s more, you had better not utilize available letters over the internet whatsoever. Because as soon as your professor realizes that, they will most likely reject you.

Accomplishing all steps of applying process necessitates taking Recommendation Letter more seriously. A large number of universities generally demand two or three Recommendation Letters to help qualify students for a study permit. These letters basically contain some piece of papers in which your previous university teachers express their reasons to advise you to carry on your study in that particular university. You can either prepare these letters on your own or, if needed, take the necessary advice from our experienced experts. No doubt that Recommendation Letter is one of the most vital parts of your applying process. Therefore, you can get in contact with our advisors and inform them about your preferred university, your desired professor, and also the Iranian professors who you have passed courses with them. Consequently, we will provide a proper and decent Recommendation Letter for you.

Keep in mind that having a brilliant academic background and resume, as well as scientific articles and books, can remarkably benefit you in terms of academic progress and also help enhance your future educational career.

Our organization is honoured to guide you through the entire applying steps and provide helpful guidance and advice for our customers. Deciding to relocate abroad, is the initial step you must take, and indeed along the way you may encounter numerous issues and obstacles. These issues may even lead to more significant confusions unless you become well-informed about these issues and how to tackle them properly.

If you have any trouble with your applying process, you can contact our advisers via Email or contact numbers and receive comprehensive support.