Corresponding with Professors and Universities

If you have not yet managed to follow the “Next Abroad” guidance steps, during the process of student migration or applying for admission, you have probably reached the stage of choosing a university and a professor. After opting for your favorite university and professor, corresponding with them is one of the most crucial stages of your student migration process. Our experts, given your major, interests, and overall circumstances, will try their best to find the most suitable university and professor for you.

Our brilliant experts can address this issue quickly and adequately, thanks to their long-term experience in communicating and corresponding with universities and teachers. Bear in mind that a tremendous number of emails that students send to foreign professors are eliminated without even being opened. Therefore, students can’t seize the opportunity to share their CV and capabilities with professors. The reason for this issue is evident and straightforward: Most students use stereotypical, duplicate, or unprofessional emails and professors tend not to read any pre-prepared or stereotypical emails.

Corresponding with universities and teachers is not merely about demonstrating your capabilities or presenting your resume. By studying your email, teachers can assess the level of your interest, your purposes, abilities, as well as your determination and seriousness. Consequently, you need to know that getting in contact with universities and teachers is an essential stage in the way of your success.

“Next Abroad” with taking advantage of experienced experts in communication and correspondence with numerous professors and universities, as well as having experts in English or other languages, can save you from low-quality and unprofessional emails. Some companies claim that they have already prepared very standard emails for professors from different universities. Despite this, we strongly urge you to avoid duplicate emails to correspond with professors and universities.

From the perspective of our experts, each student or applicant must possess their personal email address, so that they can convey their abilities, the level of knowledge, as well as their high motivations for enrollment in that university, to the relevant professor.

It is evident that emailing is an essential task in the process of application. in fact, if it is not taken seriously, it can make the application process considerably hard. Even if you have a solid resume, you finally need to catch your professor or university’s attention to your email before submitting your resume, so that they can be informed about your current academic background and abilities. This is precisely what a professional and suitable email can do for you. In the emails prepaid by our experts, as much as attention is paid to the author of the email, the same is also paid to the receiver of that email. In other words, we try to gather sufficient and precise knowledge of your favorite professor and university, as well as their scientific articles and fields of activity before sending your resume. By doing so, we can write an email regarding the professor’s field of activity that can attract their attention, or we can write an email in a research field that can attract the opinion of the university in which a lot of relevant researches is conducted. You need to remember that sending emails is not the only part of your story, and tracking emails can hold a lot of importance as well. Our professional colleagues can track your correspondences and emails, which has been sent to the professors and also give relevant and intelligent answers to their following questions. Keep in mind that even simple tips, such as grammar level or writing style, can influence your university teacher to accept or reject you.

Besides sending emails, there are other ways to communicate with professors and universities. For instance, phone calls, faxing, and video interviews such as Skype.

Setting up a telephone or video call is considered one of the most effective ways to remain in touch with professors and universities. Our advice is to begin the process of corresponding with professors and universities through email and move on to the next steps.

The “Next Abroad” experts can support you along the entire way. Remember that a brilliant interview can present ample opportunities for you, such as receiving student finance or student job.

There are a considerable number of students and applicants, who in spite of having great talents as well as a perfect resume, are jeopardizing their great chance of pursuing their education career and achieving a prosperous future, just due to the lack of proper communication or correspondence with professors and universities.

The “Next Abroad” institute will guide you along the whole stages and fully support you in creating a decent and proper content with excellent grammar. In case you face trouble with any stage of your correspondence with universities and professors, you can get in contact with our experts through email or other communication ways mentioned in the “Contact Us” page, so as to benefit from their constructive advice.