Cellphone in Australia

Picking a Cellphone Operator in Australia

Australians tend to be the first users of new technologies in modern times. Therefore, mobile phones are not an exception.

You should consider some factors while purchasing a new cellphone.

For instance, the amount of data you intend to save, the network coverage map, and that you are going to make a contract or pay a deposit. Reportedly, almost all of the big cities in Australia are under the proper coverage of all mobile network operators. However, in some rural and suburban areas, there may be poor connections. Getting in touch with mobile operators is the first step to find out about the quality of the mobile network coverage in your area, especially if you are living in a rural area.

Mobile Network Operators in Australia

Despite being numerous mobile shops in Australia, there are four leading operators there:

  • Telstra: the chief provider of mobile networks, telephones, and high-speed internet.
  • Optus: it is ranked in the second place after Telstra, in terms of coverage area
  • Vodafone: this operator is relatively smaller than the two operators mentioned earlier (mainly covers the central regions)
  • Virgin Mobile: this one utilizes the Opus network.

Virgin Mobile also provides a wide range of services and coverage for its customers. for instance:

  • Pack services- which can include data, cellphone or limited or unlimited monthly usage packs
  • Contract services- you can pay a particular amount of money monthly, generally between 18 and 24 months. This service allows you to choose your favorite pack services, including call minutes, and the number of SMS and MMS.
  • Pre-paid plans- you can get your service in advance and manage your expenses effectively.
  • Internet packs- if you use the internet regularly, this is highly recommended for you.

The Most Important Tips for Choosing a Mobile Operator

There is a wide variety of operators’ offers and buying options to pick from them. Specifically, if you are looking for internet-based services or international roaming, it’s better to study these tips below.

•    Compare pre-paid services with contract services. If you have just arrived in Australia and started living there, pre-paid services in the most suitable option for you. The reason is that most of the mobile operators don’t provide any facilities for you unless you have work permission or permanent residency.

•    Cellphone- check your cell and make sure that your phone is fully compatible with Australia’s GSM technology. If so, the only thing you need is a sim card and a pre-paid program (to charge your account monthly or whenever necessary). Furthermore, if you sign a contract with well-known operators, such as Telstra, Vodafone, Optus, you will have the chance to purchase the latest models of Samsung. Apple, Nokia, under particular circumstances. Even so, initially, ensure that the contract suits your needs, then sign it.

How to Settle Disputes with Mobile Operators?

In case you have any problems with your mobile network providers:

· Get in contact with your provider directly. The shop or company you have bought your device from will be the first step

· Get in touch with consumer services. Make sure that you have all information about your device with you.