Health Care System in Australia

Australia’s state health care system is known as “Medicare.” Medicare is a nationwide system that covers almost the entire of Australia. This system provides payments and medical facilities for individuals and also for the people in their custody. Medicare generally offers free or subsidized health care services by professional health care providers, such as doctors and specialists.

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Driving in Australia

Driving in Australia, Driver Licenses and Purchasing a Car

If you have a foreign driver’s license, you need to apply for an Australian license over three months after your arrival. Having done that, you will be able to obtain official permission to drive legally in Australia. If you have a temporary visa, you can use that to drive for 12 months.

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Moving to Australia

How is the quality and standards of life in Australia compared to the other countries across the World? The short answer is “so good.”

Australia is a member of the “Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development” (OCED). This organization develops some policies to enhance economic and social welfare for the people of the whole World.

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